Wheelhouse studio Art Therapy - Counseling - Psychotherapy


Wheelhouse Studio is the name of my studio and private practice in art therapy, counseling and psychotherapy. The studio is a light, open space with plenty of art and craft supplies, creative materials and peaceful views. The studio is located next to my home in the community of Aldea de Santa Fe, with easy access off of relief route 599, 5 minutes outside of Santa Fe.  

The name, Wheelhouse, speaks to the circles and cycles in nature and ourselves and how these are related,  from the great star wheels to the earth’s cycles of renewal, to the personal cycles within an individual life. The wheel is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, radiance, movement, and the harmony that comes from being in tune with the center. The name, Wheelhouse, also contains the images of a ship’s steering cabin as well as one’s zone of comfort and expertise. Welcome to this safe, supportive and inspiring space!

When the world wheel turns
you find the center